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HelpDesk / Faults
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The site aims to network trainers & clients to reach goals easier and more effectively. The site contains profiles, tools and features for both trainers and clients

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   Clients (General users)    
  - Have your own health and fitness profile stored - Monitor your own progress  
  - Activity point system for progress and special offers - Book trainers  
  - Have a history of your fitness - Booking System with web to sms functionality  
  - Profiles stored securely and private - Have workouts monitored online  
   Trainers (Fitness Professionals)    
  - Get more clients - Easy for clients to find you if you relocate  
  - Advertise your own site and business - Notifications done via sms and email  
  - Booking System with web to sms functionality - Profile containing your availability, specializations and location  
  - Manage your clients online - Central point for personal trainers  
  Register your website  
  Health & Fitness sites only  

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